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20 Business Intelligence Tools & Use Cases

With more and more data available, it’s getting more difficult to focus on the information we really need and present it in an actionable way and that’s what business intelligence is all about. In this article we will talk about Business Intelligence tools, benefits & use cases. What is Business Intelligence Business intelligence (BI) comprises … Continue reading 20 Business Intelligence Tools & Use Cases

Qlik Sense Features – Top 10 Reasons to Choose Qlik Sense

This lesson covers the Qlik Sense features and functionalities. From conceptual features to practical procedures, Qlik Sense provides all. So, let’s start our lesson. Top Qlik Sense Features Following are the Qlik Sense Features which you must know – i. Associative Model We have seen how important is the associative model in QlikView. Similarly, in … Continue reading Qlik Sense Features – Top 10 Reasons to Choose Qlik Sense

Architecture of Qlik view

What is QlikView? QlikView is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge. More than 24,000 organisations worldwide have enabled their users to easily consolidate, search, and visually analyse all their data for unprecedented business insight using QlikView’s simplicity. Effective decision-making is based on having the right information available and easy accessible. … Continue reading Architecture of Qlik view