Customer Relationship Mgt.

Customer Relationship Management

It is a single strongest weapon you have as a manager to ensure that customers become and remain loyal.

“CRM is a comprehensive approach for creating, maintaining and expanding customer relationships.”

By comprehensive we mean that this approach should be applicable to the whole organization, it does not imply only to a specific department or part of organization.

An approach is a way of dealing or treating with some one. So here we mean that there should be a clear plan or strategy to create, maintain or expand relationships with customers.

Customers want to do business with organizations that understand what they want and need.

CRM is about managing relationships effectively.

In order to maintain a successful business, the business must understand and maintain a positive relationship with its customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of bringing the customer and the company closer together. There are many different areas in which Customer Relationship Management can be implemented. The goal of CRM is to help a company maintain current customers, as well as gain new customers.

CRM describes a strategy used to manage and report customer/prospect/partner/contact interactions with enterprise contacts including inside and outside sales, marketing, billing, shipping and customer service and support.

Using CRM, a business can:
·Provide better customer service
·Increase customer revenues
·Discover new customers
·Cross sell/Up Sell products more effectively
·Help sales staff close deals faster
·Make call centers more efficient
·Simplify marketing and sales processes

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