Introduction to Management

Organizational Management

“Management is about making plans and implements them effectively.”

“Management is a process of getting activities completed effectively and efficiently with and through other people.”

“Management is doing things efficiently and effectively.”

Efficiency is to get maximum output from minimum input.
It is to get maximum profit from minimum resources.

Effectiveness means goal attainment and doing right things at the right time.

  • Minimum resource utilization
  • Vital part of management
  • Goal/Objects Attainment and goals should be achievable.
  • Management should be efficient as well as effective.
  • A person can be efficient without being effective. He may get the things done with minimum sources but as far objective isn’t met it’s not effective.

Need / Importance of Management

Good Management is required for:

  • Optimum utilization of resources (Cost competitiveness)
  • Motivates personnel (Effectively utilize human resource)
  • Facilitates innovation (Explore opportunities)
  • Improve Efficiency (get the things fast or efficiently and effectively)
  • Competitive Advantage (Survive and win over competitors)

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