Personal Management

Personal Management

1. Look and Learn
Learn from success as well as failures of others.

2. Set life priorities

Make priorities in life, we have multiple roles to play so we have to set our priorities.

3. Set Targets

Always set objectives and targets. Objectives should be clear and achievable.

4. Question Everything

Be Curious, never hesitate to ask questions whether to boss, subordinate or colleague.

5. Assess your progress

Assess or evaluate the work done on daily basis. Did you achieve your target for the day or not.

6. Assess yourself

Do SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

7. Make Goals

Make short term as well long term goals.

8. Evaluate Time

Use time in most efficient and effective way. Don’t waste your time.

9. Control Stress

Manage to avoid anxiety or stress to the maximum.

10. Use a Junk pile

Don’t waste time on junk or unnecessary things. Keep them aside.

11. Welcome Changes

Never resist to new changes it will lead to the problems.

12. Think Physical

Take some time out, never work for long hours. Get yourself relaxed when feel tired.

13. Think Positive

Never accept defeat till the last. Don’t look at negative sides always think about positives.

14. Be Decisive

Make decisions effectively; follow the decision making process:
– Define Problems
– Examine all facts available
– Gather more facts if needed.
– Make a consultation to the people involved
– List the all possible options
– Implement and Monitor the solution

15. Delegation

Share responsibility or authority with sub ordinates.

16. Develop People

Train people, motivate them, take their opinions and ask questions.

17. Think & Win

If you are into a conflict solving, make a win-win decisions, both parties should be winner.

18. Do it now

If a conflict or problem arises, solve it as soon as possible.

19. Be a good listener

Listen to others, communication should be two way.

20. Be Humble

Accept failures and learn from them. Always open yourself for advices. “The most effective person is the person who feels proud to admit his mistakes.”

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