Asalam-o-Alaikum and Welcome all!

My purpose to create this blog is to provide help to students for business education. Business education is quite common in all over the world. But in Pakistan, due to the education systems the students find it difficult to understand things from International Authors. Keeping in mind the students with low English skills , I’ve tried to put the things simple for them.

As I am a student of Business Studies, I will post whatever I’ve understood but in simple and clean language so every one should be able to grasp the basic concept behind it.

My sincere thanks to all my teachers

– Madam Nomeeta Zainab
– Sir Shahid Nawaz
– Madam Saadia Khan
– Sir Saleem Abbas
– Sir Shahid Yaqoob
– Sir Shakir Ali Ghazali
– Madam Farzana

without their dedicated lectures I would not be able to learn anything.

A major part of these articles is dictated by respected teachers so I am proud to dedicate these articles to all my teachers of respective subjects.

hope you people will appreciate my effort.

Best Regards

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Aslam-o-alikum

    Really great idea to help students in business education.

    I like the idea along with the simple and smooth format.

    I think it is going to be so helpful for the students with easy english although so far i can see the communication style is so easy and smooth to grasp the main dieas from the lectures.

    Thanks for helping us


  2. Hi

    I must say i’m impressed. Its a great idea to help out the business students of Pakistan. I’ll try my best to contribute whatever i can to this blog spot


  3. hey thanks SK..

    your participation will be highly appreciated.

    will be looking for your contribution 🙂


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